Review of Sporting Index Casino

“World leaders in sports spread betting” is Sporting Index’s tagline. Unless you understand Greek, this is probably not the betting site for you. If spread betting is your cup of tea, though, Sporting Index is your best option. This website allows users to gamble on a variety of sports, including horse racing, football, and tennis. Additionally, specialist sports such as volleyball are covered.

Sporting Index, founded in 1992, resembles almost every other online sportsbook. However, upon closer inspection, there is a distinction. Specifically, there are differences in how betting is conducted. We’ll get to it in a minute, but for now, let’s just say that spread betting is best suited for knowledgeable, experienced gamblers. Spread betting offers the opportunity to win a respectable amount of money with a minimum of expertise and common sense. If you don’t, it’s possible to lose quite a lot.

Regarding Sporting Index

Sporting Index is an action-packed website that covers all types of sporting events and gives up-to-date spread betting odds. In addition, the website provides a casino where users may enjoy slot machines, live casino games, table games, and video poker, among others. In this regard, Sporting Index is well-equipped to meet all of your gaming requirements.

Sporting Index’s parent firm describes itself as one of the world’s most prominent brands in sports betting technology and trade. They are a huge London-based corporation with around 300 people that is expanding quickly. They are positioned at the forefront of the sports betting market and are proud of their specialized industry expertise. If you need to contact a member of the customer service team while using the website, you may write them an email, give them a call, or chat with them online.

Spread wagering

Spread betting is a kind of wagering that rewards those who use their sports expertise effectively. That is at least the theory. Sporting Index, for instance, will give both purchase and sell prices. Spread refers to the difference between these two prices, thus the name. Spread betting differs from fixed odds betting in that it is not about winning or losing outright, but rather how close or far off you are with your forecast.

As an example, the site mentions a football game in which Sporting Index predicts there will be 11 corners. If you wager £5 on their being more than 11 corners in a game, you will get a payout for each extra corner. However, you would incur a financial loss for each incorrect forecast. Spread betting is so fascinating and profitable because it is simple to foresee the possibility of winning or losing substantial amounts of money.

Sporting’s Banking

Sporting Index has many positive qualities, but its banking page does not seem to be one of them. It does not seem to have one, at least based on a casual visitor’s investigation of the site. The website’s Frequently Asked Questions section does include credit and debit cards, and it is true that Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard are accepted. According to the logos in the website’s bottom, you may also utilize Skrill and Neteller. There may be further possibilities, but there does not seem to be a straightforward method to discover them.

Withdrawals take three to five business days to settle, and your account must be six weeks old before you may withdraw money using a credit or debit card. Sporting Index does not provide a maximum or minimum deposit amount, or if it does, this information is difficult to find.

Good Sportsmanship?

Sporting Index welcomes new participants with a £100 incentive. When you sign up for an account, you’ll be offered £100 to play with. This amount is non-withdrawable, however it may be used to ease you into spread betting. If you are successful with your wagers, you will be able to retain everything you win over the £100. This £100 credit must be used during the first week of membership.

Additionally, Sporting Index mentions a refer-a-friend program in which you may earn up to £1,000. Notably, this amount is very reliant on the amount each buddy bets on the site, and you can only suggest a maximum of 10 friends. It is not obvious if Sporting Index offers any further weekly or monthly incentives. However, if you visit the site to play in the casino, there is a new user offer of up to £200 consisting of a 100% first deposit match. This bonus is subject to a 30x wagering requirement and must be spent within 30 days of account registration.