Goldfishka Casino is a gambling establishment

Review of the Goldfishka Casino

Goldfishka is a Russian-language web portal. This becomes clear the instant you get on its site and are met with an overwhelming wall of, well, Russian language content. It should be obvious from the name, but the poker chip emblem with a yellow fish in the center will serve as a reminder: Goldfishka is Russian for goldfish.

One thing that can be counted upon about Russian websites is that they are non-conformist. If you attempted to visit the site from a country that was not authorized to do so, you would be met with a notice alerting you that you were ineligible to participate. That is not the situation with Goldfishka, who instead provide a tutorial providing “5 tried and true techniques” for circumventing geo-restrictions and playing on their website.

This includes downloading and installing the Goldfishka browser plugin for Opera, visiting a mirror of the site, downloading and installing casino software to play, as well as using the VPN function included into Opera browser, just to name a few. Established in 2002, the site seems to have been on a mission to defy the status quo, operating as a type of anti-establishment casino that defies all trends, at least in the Western world, since its conception. Sites like Goldfishka are the standard in Russia, and for good reason. By the way, if you have any questions or need assistance while playing at Goldfishka, the only method to contact them is through email.

Regarding Goldfishka

Goldfishka is, of course, geared at Russian players, who will be able to partake in all of their favorite casino games while remaining loyal to their own country. Why would you want to send your cash to a foreign website when you can retain all of your actions inside the borders of Mother Russia? The site is powered by Microgaming software, which has a very good reputation in the Russian market. One unique feature of Goldfishka – and one that only a few other casinos can boast – is that it contributes a portion of its income to a charitable organization that helps children and adults in need.

One of the ways in which Goldfishka attracts new consumers is via the use of a successful affiliate marketing program. Players who are referred to the site via your website or blog are eligible to gain up to 50% of the revenues generated by the site. When it comes to reputation, Goldfishka is unquestionably the best in the business, and the casino’s social evidence is unquestionably impeccable; the casino has almost 4,000 followers on VK, the massively popular Russian social network that has more than a passing similarity to Facebook.

Banks in Russia Goldfishka provides a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, all of which have been tailored to meet the specific requirements of the Russian market. The most popular method of payment is via credit card; Visa, MasterCard, and Diners Club International are all accepted. If you pay with a card, you will be asked to provide identity papers to verify that the card is not stolen. Other payment choices, such as WebMoney,, and Qiwi, are available, as are other payment methods.

Russian players are provided with a good variety of payment choices at Goldfishka, some of which provide more anonymity than others. From credit card to bank transfer, Russian players have a reasonable number of payment alternatives at Goldfishka. The amount of time it takes for withdrawal requests to be processed is one piece of information that isn’t readily available on the website. Although there is a FAQ section, it does not cover the topic of cashing out.

Verify your identity

Customers who sign up with Goldfishka may look forward to receiving a 100 percent welcome bonus on their purchase. You’ll need to have validated your phone number in order to be considered for it. The website does not mention whether or not there is a maximum deposit limit associated with this promotion.

In addition, Goldfishka has a customer loyalty program that rewards players with cashback on every bet they place with them. Furthermore, there is no need to hold your breath since this additional money is distributed the very following day. For example, if you spend 1,000 rubles on the site, you will get 5 free rubles to use the next day to continue playing. According to Goldfishka, this method allows them to distribute over 5,000,000 rubles in a single month to its participants.

The casino’s loyalty program has several unique features that are worth noting. For example, cashback is distributed at a rate of one percent by default, but if you use the plugin Goldfishka has designed to avoid geo-blocking, you will be eligible for a special extra cash reward. The same is true if you install the casino’s software on your computer’s desktop. If you play at one of the site’s mirrors, you’ll get additional rewards, and if you recommend a friend, you’ll receive even more rewards. Goldfishka is a casino that effectively pays you for being a badass, a code of behavior that may or may not be fully ethical, but which is a welcome break from the generic promos that are often offered by most casinos these days.