Work begins on DU Dashboard

Work on the Dementia United Data/ Measurement Dashboard began in February 2018 with a workshop bringing together people from across the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.

The workshop aimed to bring blue-sky thinking to what and how dementia data could be shared across Greater Manchester. The dashboard will paint the bigger picture of dementia care, showing victories and challenges as the work of Dementia United moves forward.

The workshop brought together representatives from primary and secondary care, clinical commissioning groups, the Strategic Clinical Network, and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. Participants envisioned the measures which their perfect dashboard would include, and how those key indicators tell the story of dementia across the ten localities.

The data wish list is arranged to coincide with the existing Well Pathway for Dementia and the agreed Greater Manchester Dementia Standards. The ideas of the workshop will be later taken to other stakeholders, including people living with dementia and carers, to improve and refine before full development. It is essential that the data reflects the stories of the people whom it represents and DU is aiming to improve the lived experience of.

The data/ measurement dashboard is a key part of Dementia United’s work, allowing stakeholders to share and understand how dementia care is making an impact. The dashboard will use the latest digital technology to display data for measures such as diagnosis rates, the time taken to access dementia treatment and services, the number of carers who have had assessments, the prescribing of anti-psychotics, and many more. The data can be broken down by locality and GP areas, viewed over several years to see trends, or manipulated in a number of other ways.

The dashboard will be an important asset to those commissioning and delivering dementia care, as well as forming part of Dementia United’s legacy in Greater Manchester.

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