dementiaAs part of the government’s historic devolution agreement, new decision making and spending powers are being given to Greater Manchester from April 2016. One of the early health and social care priorities for this work is dementia.

Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive of Salford Royal Foundation Trust and his team are leading a dementia transformation programme, ‘Dementia United’.

Over the next five years, through working with partners across Greater Manchester this work aims to improve the lived experiences of people with dementia, and reduce pressure on the health and social care system. In short, Dementia United is aiming to make Greater Manchester the best place in the world to live for people with dementia.

  • Pledge 1Improve the lived experience of people with dementia and carers. This will include the development of a measure for Greater Manchester of the lived experience which can be tracked over a 5 year period to inform an evaluation of the effectiveness of any changes.
  • Pledge 2 Reduce variation through the development of a common evidence-based commissioning framework for dementia diagnostic and post-diagnosis support services across Greater Manchester, with accompanying monitoring of performance using agreed measures.
  • Pledge 3Post diagnostic support model for people living with dementia, supporting them to live well through a co-produce package of care which ensures access to evidence-based, cost-effective interventions.
  • Pledge 4 – Co-production and Redesign health and care systems with patients and their carers to ensure services meet their needs.
  • Pledge 5 – Adoption of technology – so that every person living with dementia has access to technology that helps them and their carers to monitor their health, enrich their social lives and navigate local services in ways helpful to them. Central to this is the theme of ‘connectedness’, and examining how digitally enabled media (smartphones, TV, portable devices) can be better used to monitor care, enrich social interactions and provide improved access to health and care services.


Implementation plan

The implementation plan, which was agreed by the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership in January 2017, outlines a support and development offer for GM that will see localities maintain local ownership and leadership for dementia supported by regional opportunities and systems that will encourage and promote cross locality working, understanding and utilising data and measurement for improvement, developing co designed tools to really understand the lived experience of people with dementia and work with organisations looking to research, test and innovate in the field of dementia.