June update

Programme Updates

In addition to the regular locality updates, here is programme update from the team.

Since April 2016, the Dementia United team have been working hard following the Greater Manchester (GM) Joint Commissioning Board (JCB) in April 2016.

At the meeting, the concept of Dementia United was presented with an accompanying idea of social investment to support extended implementation of the key worker model pledge. Whilst it was evident that there was support in principle for the wider Dementia United Transformation programmes, it was agreed that a further piece of collaborative engagement work was required to develop the implementation ideas. The intention of this is to clarify the delivery and implementation model options for the Dementia United pledges and links to the locality plans emerging across GM.

We see this as a positive piece of work, which will really allow us to see how Dementia United will integrate with local systems.This exciting piece of work is currently underway and is being led by an Executive Task and Finish, working with a series of Expert Groups. The intention is that these groups will work towards ensuring that there is a collective understanding of the Dementia United model and seek agreement across Greater Manchester stakeholders, with a view to Dementia United being presented back to the JCB later in the year.


June Locality Meeting

The latest locality update is out, find out what happened when dementia leads from across Greater Manchester met to unite against dementia.

Our fourth and most recent locality meeting took place at The Curve, Greater Manchester West on the 2nd June 2016.

Dementia Leads from each locality following welcome and introductions, were given a programme update which outlined that the proposal for Dementia United as a 5 year Transformational programme were presented to the Association of Governing Groups (AGG) and the Joint Commissioning Board (JCB)  in April 2016.  At these meetings it was agreed that  a 5 year Transformational programme for dementia was a good idea however there was a requirement for some further work around the proposed operating model and structure of Dementia United to offer more clarity on what was being proposed and therefore how it could be funded.

The Dementia Leads were then given an update on some of the fantastic work that was achieved during Dementia Awareness Week across Greater Manchester and thanked for their support. There was a real sense of unity between the group at the work completed to help raise the awareness of Dementia!

After the break, the group reconvened for an interactive session to discuss a baseline survey, which is aiming to expose the variation in the GM system, forming part of the on-going work which has been produced by the GM Architecture Expert Group. The survey presented was an initial draft to help gain some valuable feedback on areas which the GM Architecture Expert Group were looking at and also to ensure that localities were able to engage in the process and have their say.

Overall, this was a valuable session and it was great to see the enthusiasm towards Dementia United! We are in the process of convening a July meeting, so stayed tuned for further updates!

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