Herbet Protocol launched in Greater Manchester

Dementia United has proudly supported Greater Manchester Police as they prepared to launch The Herbert Protocol in Greater Manchester.

Do you care for someone who has Dementia and worry that they may go missing? There is nothing more frightening or distressing than when a love one, friend or neighbour fails to return home when they should.

For people living with someone with Dementia this could be quite common and The Herbert Protocol could give you some peace of mind.

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme being introduced locally by Greater Manchester Police and other local agencies which encourages carers and family members to compile useful key information which could be used in the event of a person with dementia going missing.

As part of making reasonable life adjustments, we want to help by putting a system in place that will help to give the emergency services the best possible information should there be a need for them to become involved in a search for someone with dementia.

The Herbert Protocol is a form which is kept at home, or in a safe place, with important information about a vulnerable person. Should they go missing, information is easily on hand about routines, medical requirements and favourite places to visit and can be handed over to the police, alleviating the worry of collecting it together during a stressful time.

If someone goes missing:

If you begin to worry about someone’s welfare then do ring 999 immediately. Let the call handler know that someone has gone missing and that you have a Herbert Protocol form in place.

The Call Handler will then ask when the person was last seen, time and location and also a description including the persons clothing. Try to be as specific as you can.

You will then be asked to email the HP form to GMP so an officer can be assigned and check the form for useful information. The information contained will be of great use when coordinating the search for the person.

Please remember this Herbert Protocol Form and the information it contains should be regarded as an additional measure to help ensure a person’s safety. It should NOT be the only approach taken.

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